working on a last chance to reach Petermann glacier this year

The helicopter charter option to reach Petermann Glacier, the one we’ve been developing for weeks now, has dematerialized. As time is nearly out, before myself, Alun, and Richard need to return to our mid-latitude lives, we develop an alternative charter plan.  The charter flight would occur Thursday, 9 September. The aircraft would re-position from Thule AFB to Qaanaaq and head north to Petermann. Operable scenarios include: 1.) we use a volunteer in Qaanaaq to simply grab instruments or 2.) I get up to Qaanaaq on Wednesday 8 September. The main problem with 2.) is that the northbound flight is fully booked. I may proceed with the gamble that not all people show up for the flight and I can get on the flight and head north. Even if, the southbound flight on 15 September (flights are once per week) is also fully booked. So, we continue to consider options. Monday, I’ll speak with booking agents at Air Greenland. If I were to go north, my return home would be delayed a week.