What have I come to Greenland for this time?

I’m on my 18th Greenland climate science expedition to fulfill three major goals:

1) to maintain and proliferate a network of time lapse cameras as part of The Extreme Ice Survey;

2) to lead part of a Greenpeace scientific cruise to document predicted Petermann glacier front disintegration;

3) to join a sail boating expedition to study Greenland marine terminating glacier fronts and the associated oceanography.

I’ll be kept busy with numerous sub-projects that include:

photography of numerous glacier outlets to the inland ice sheet, documenting using aerial oblique photography the glaicer changes over time spans of years to decades;

ground measurements to determine the changing reflectivety of the Greenland ice sheet;

investigating the importance of tides in glacier front stability;

obtaining ice sounding radar imagery measurements to determine ice shelf under-side shape and thickness.