update from SV Gambo

Hi Alun and Jason,

We are making good progress and weather is holding.  Managed to download the grib files so we are able to plan passage to best efficiency.  However, we are burning fuel at 7kts and so we will need 500lt of diesel when we get to Qaanaaq and of course the same when the boat returns to Qaanaaq.  At Qaanaaq there is no harbour/wharf (at least there is none marked in the Arctic Pilot and I do not remember one from our visit last year – can you check on this with locals or on google earth).  The fuel for boat and heli will likely therefore need to be brought down to the shore so that it can be towed out to boat on arrival.

Schedule as predicted from here – please comment on:

  1. Arrive in Qaanaaq late afternoon/early evening Sun 29th.
  2. Fuel up immediately and depart for Wright Bay
  3. Arrive Wright Bay afternoon Tuesday 31st
  4. Tuesday 31 Petermann??
  5. Wed Petermann??

The science plans for the boat could include the following dependent on weather and ice:

  1. Petermann – the [very optimistic] golden opportunity – CTD in fjord on transect cross-section in front of present calving/melting front
  2. Humboldt – the more likely scenario – CTD transect across the deep channel that leads to the front of the glacier. This could be done approximately along the southern CTD transect that was done last year

Friday 3rd Quannaq return.

Please can you be sure to have every thing ready in Quannaq when we will arrive Sunday (ie: 4*200lt Jet A1 + 500lts diesel)

Richard & Nolwenn