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‘Arctic Sunrise’ Northernmost Excursion

Monday, June 29th, 2009

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is at 82.5 N with its nose up against an ice arch that has formed 450 km north of it’s normal position. This is the farthest north a Greenpeace ship has been. Our northward progress to the top of Nares St. could not have been easier with the waters almost completely ice free and winds calm.

I took thousands of aerial photos yesterday of Petermann glacier from a helicopter as part of an install of 4 Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) time lapse cameras. The distance across Petermann fjord is not too great for the two pairs of EIS cameras to “see” the goings on below thanks to 1000+ meter cliffs on either side of the glacier. The surface of Petermann has a surprising number of melt ponds and streams, some more aptly put as lakes and rivers. Numerous cracks across Petermann make the prediction of a large (100 sq. km) area seem imminent. A 5th, on-ice, camera site is equipped with an “iceberg tracker” that sends its position twice daily via Iridium satellite. At the moment the “ice camera” remains stable. Eventually, its whole world should start to move, once the ice island detaches.

Jason E. Box @ 0808 UTC aka GMT