We cling to the hope to visit Petermann glacier this year. By 7 Sept, the only option became an alternative helicopter charter company, Air Greenland. A new charter agreement requires more time than would fit in my additional week in Greenland, time, that is to re-arrange the fuel needed to make this long lap and draw up more paperwork. Key in the delay was: there were insufficient fuel drums of a very certain kind in Qaanaaq and in Thule AFB. Air Greenland has new and more strict guidelines for fuel drums. Another complication: because we aim to re-activate the equipment and not just do a “grab” operation, we can’t just use a volunteer who is already there, a “frozen chosen” that is. We need someone familiar with the equipment and who’s judgment we can rely on, for example, whether or not to fly in marginal conditions and at great expense. We therefore plan for it to be one of us (Jason, Alun, Sam, or Richard) on this flight, some time before mid-October when the days become too short to get the flight in with light to fly by. I (Jason) am now back in the US. Needless to say, it was difficult to turn south without the data. U. Wales collaborator, Alun Hubbard has volunteered to be the man to fly on “Plan-Z”, October 2010. I have prior commitments. If not this year, then, we aim for March, 2011. The March, 2011 trip I can be on. It would probably be Jason and Alun making the March, 2011 mission.