Petermann Ice Island runs aground

“What we see now, is that the northern winds that have been active the last days is pushing this large berg southwards and not having reached the open Basin, Joe Island happens to be in the way – as so often before with large floe that may stay there for days and weeks. Joe was the Canadian eskimo that joined the Polaris expedition to Nares Strait 1871-73 like Hans Hendricks [see Hans Is.] and found himself on the floe that drifted southwards in Baffin Bay.” – Preben Gudmandsen

This 3 September European Space Agency Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) image ‘sees’ through the clouds. The glacier ice is a mid-grey color. The remaining glacier is seen on the right. On the left is the ice island that has encountered Joe Island. Joe is visible as the small collection of bright white pixels. Petermann Ice Island ran aground on 1 September.

I took this photo of Joe Island 15 July, 2009 from the air as we approached the Greenpeace Motorized Yacht Arctic Sunrise. The lack of sea ice was caused by the formation of a blocking “ice arch” north of this area. See here.