Petermann Glacier ice area loss in 2009 has been gradual, not abrupt, so far

Petermann Glacier ice area loss is that it has been gradual, a little at a time, no big all-at-once 100 sq km area loss. With Greenpeace support, we’d installed time lapse cameras and GPS. Surprise was that what we observed was a gradual ice area loss and not yet to the tune of the expected 100 sq km ice area loss. So far, the area loss is ~10 sq km.

This image illustrates Petermann’s current state, with ice loss from the northern (right) side, including the loss of unconsolidated glacier ice that was at once trapped. Now, ~20 km of northern flank is not at all buttressed by glacier ice jam, see below…


Image Caption: Petermann Glacier 29 Aug, 2009.