on Alun Hubbard

Dr Alun Hubbard has been described as an ‘unhinged Welshman with a lifelong passion for all things icy’. He has happily whiled away some three years of his life in remote polar regions and organized and led over twenty successful expeditions without mishap in numerous hostile and high (latitude/elevation) places from 80 degrees north to 80 degrees south.

Many of these expeditions have been adventure motivated – racking up a dozen significant first ascents of previously unclimbed mountains, 60,000 miles of high latitude sailing and a number of other firsts. For these achievements he has been awarded the Tilman Polar Medal and nominated one of the Polartec Adventurers. ┬áHowever, as his years (and waistline) have progressed he has found himself drawn to the scientific pursuit of understanding the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets and has first and co-authored 30 scientific peer-reviewed publications in this field.

His principal expertise is the collection and integration of field-observations to drive state-of-the-art numerical models of climate and ice sheet interaction to help understand and predict the impacts of long and short-term climate and oceanic change on sea-level.  Since 2007, he has legitimized this academic interest through a Lectureship in Glaciology at Aberystwyth University, Wales, and is principal investigator on two recently awarded UK-NERC funded initiatives to identify the factors which control the potential non-linear draw-down of the Greenland inland ice reservoir.