science adventure video

The following videos document some of my Greenland science adventuring…

  • video* (218 Mb) documents part of May-June 2008 west Greenland Extreme Ice Survey work.
  • video* (265 Mb) homage to Jaakuaaraq, Greenlandic living legend. Jaakuaaraq delivered us through bergy waters to/from the shore between Umiamiko and Rink glaciers.
  • video* (37 Mb) of Ian Howat installing GPS on the heavily crevassed surface of Store Gletscher, west Greenland. Idea is that GPS will measure ice motion at 10 sec interval and perhaps resolve erratic motions. There is a distinct chance the equipment will be lost, but thanks to engineering of Alberto Behar, the data are sent to a safe ‘base station’ on land.

* a mov player such as Quicktime or Mplayer and fast internet is needed. Sorry, dial-up folks.