Greenpeace Ship Arctic Sunrise Has Arrived Petermann Glacier Front – Cameras Deployed

Wednesday – 08 July 2009

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise arrived the Petermann Glacier front [81 deg. 10 min N, 61 deg. 55 min W] in a rush against time to install sensors before the detachment of a 5 billion ton [13 x 8 kilometer] ice island.

Now, we await that action and hope it happens [if it must] while we are on  site.  We can remain until early August, at the latest, if need be.

We have been busy with on-glacier GPS and radar measurements and oceanographic measurements in cracks on the ice shelf.

I have installed 6 time lapse cameras; four on cliffs over-looking the ice shelf and two on the ice looking at cracks.

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Primary:     +881 677 701 408
Secondary: +881 641 423 871; answers only on bridge
Jason E. Box
Byrd Polar Research Center
guest scientist on Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise

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