Greenland ice sheet albedo continues dropping at highest elevations

Greenland ice sheet albedo in the elevation range from 2000-2500 m. This is the accumulation area where some melting is observed. Much more melting occurs at lower elevations.

With the most recent update to our near-real time monitoring of ice sheet albedo, we observe that the ice sheet albedo continues dropping into unprecedented low values especially at the higher elevations where there is little melting.

I wonder:

  1. Are the widespread wildfires, for example in Siberia or in Colorado adding to the albedo reduction?
  2. Or given that “Since 2000, global coal consumption has grown faster than any other fuel. ” … “Around 6 Gt of hard coal were used worldwide last year and 1 billion tonnes of brown coal. ” source: Is coal combustion part of the problem?

Specialists in snow impurities and albedo are on this problem. But, what are their results?