Greenland expedition XXI begins

I’m sitting in the busy Newark airport waiting for commercial air flight to Greenland via a 2 h layover in Copenhagen. I would have preferred a direct flight with the US Air National Guard 1 week ago, but had to postpone to wait at home instead of waiting in Greenland for delayed field operations to begin.

Goals for field work include maintaining meteorological and camera equipment beside key Greenland outlet glaciers.

With some luck, I will return with some very impressive images from the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) time lapse cameras. James Balog, spokesperson and what I say “executive futurist” for EIS has loaned my a very nice lens for my camera with which to hopefully bag some very nice aerial oblique images of major Greenland glaciers, hopefully under the near-dusk ‘magic hour’ light. The images are to be used in a book James is working on that features rarely seen Greenland glacier landscapes.

Flight is boarding. I gotta run.

Wish us luck! We need it!