lumpy seas ahead

We just got a txt message updating sailing vessel Gambo’s position. She’s making good northward progress through a largely ice-free Baffin Bay. The graphic below illustrates the latest plan with helicopter rendezvous with Gambo in Qaanaaq. Gambo’s ETA in Qaanaaq is 2 days form now, as is that of the helicopter.

Provided that Gambo does not go any further west than it has to, she will avoid the worst of the 25 kt wind jet through Smith Sound, that mark the southern end of the channel between northwest Greenland and Ellesmere Is. Once into this channel, the sailing adventure is somewhat more committed, with sea ice, rough seas and high winds. Presently, Gambo is as we say, in the “lee of the land”, with “lumpy” seas ahead.

David Decker is providing daily weather forecasts to Gambo. Myself and Alun are in daily telephone contact with Gambo’s crew.