Gambo to the North, again

Sailing vessel Gambo is now underway, bound for Nares St. The competent crew is to assist our helicoptering to Petermann glacier by positioning fuel to northern Kane Basin, thus saving the flight 12 hours it would otherwise spend flying fuel drums around. Gambo has been in the area (west Greenland’s Uummnaq District) with the dual purpose of assisting scientific exploration of glaciated fjords and delivering mountain/rock climbers to numerous first ascents.¬† We re-supplied Gambo yesterday with food, fuel, and water. We have no guarantee the ice conditions and weather will allow her into northern Nares St. But, that is not stopping us from trying.

SV Gambo in Rink Fjord 2009 on it’s Adventure Science 2009 campaign. Rink glacier is visible in the distance. Gambo is seen just dropping us off in our successful climb of west Greenland’s highest mountain, seems for the first time.

Gambo is owned by Alun Hubbard and skippered by Nolwynn Chauché. The crew presently includes: first mate Max; geophysisist Richard Bates; PhD student Christine; PhD student Tom. The climbers just dropped off at Agpat Island to bag more peaks are: Sam Doyle, George, Matt, and Miles.

This vlog captures beautifully our work here.