Gambo: Mission Possible

Nolwynn – “We’ve been out of the ice this evening by 4-5 local time, and we are now sailing on open water with just some big iceberg.

We have made it south of the narrows after some significant detours during the ice to avoid a couple of major ice rafts.  It looks like we will be back in Quannaq in approx 7hrs (i.e. 7-8pm today).Journey trough the Kane Basin was quite easy and by some way faster than the way up north. The ice condition where slightly different (maybe a bit more loose) but some passage should have been really hard if the wind where picking up. We had to pass through new ice of 3cm thick which was still manageable even if we could feel than Gambo was slowed down by the hard job of cutting this.

The weather as been steady during the 2 days of this quick trip north : almost no wind or light wind from N-NE of 5-10kts, some fog over night, and a temperature around -1C. We had a really nice day of sunshine over the way north, and we could see the cloud overcasting the next morning due to the low pressure on the zone.”