Gambo 2009

With skipper and geographer Dr. Alun Hubbard, I’m planning an early-August to mid September 2009 round trip voyage from the northeast US to west Greenland, with stops in Nuuk, Manitsoq, Sisimiut, Qasigiannguit, Illulisat, Qekertarssuaq?, Uummanaq, Illorsuit, Nuugaatsiaq and back.

We will sail with the 48 ft steel ketch Gambo, seen below in Antarctic waters.

Gambo in southern seas

above photo 2002 by Tim Hall.

1 June 2008

The focus is to be the glaciers of the Uummannaq district, home of the highest relief (2200 m) and 2nd and 3rd most productive glaciers in western Greenland, that is, Rink Isbrae and Store Gletscher. In partnership with renowned National Geographic photographer James Balog, I already have cameras at Rink and Store that need to be visited to gather pictures each year. The sites so far have been visited by expensive but quick helicopter charter. Problem with helicopters, other than cost, is severely limited time on site, a factor that has compromised success. The sites can also be reached by class 4 and 5 mountaineering. I envision to deploy up to 10 additional (12 cameras currently exist) ‘low cost’ ($2.5k) and light weight (12 kg) camera packages to install at the remainder of un-watched glaciers in the Uummannaq and Disko Bay districts.

To avoid horrendous helicopter charter costs and to have some mountaineering/nature fun, we are to install/maintain camera systems using a boat.

We can ship science cargo ahead of us to ports of call, e.g., Ilulissat, and Uummannaq.

Here’s the big picture view of the voyage from the northeast US to Greenland

route from NE US to Greenland

Here’s the zoom in on Disko Bay and Uummannaq district to the N.

Disko an Uummannaq district overview

Here’s Alun’s response to my proposal…

“Duderino…Gambo on Ice…

I’m in – its what I’ve been looking for & its a perfect logistical setup
& makes me feel much less guilty about investing in the tub at the

Ideal crew number depends on competence but we’ll have a much better
time with lower numbers.

We don’t want 10 on the boat (a taxi job i once did across the Drake
which was simply hell for everyone)…

Four/possibly six at a push… latter if have to leave boat (with 2
on board) for any long length of time.


the rest is planning underway. Check for updates to this web log…