en route to Greenland

I‘m traveling cargo class in a US National Guard LC-130 “Herc” bound for Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. I prefer this mode of transport, not because I enjoy being either too hot or too cold nor that I like not having to converse with strangers owing to the defening noise. I prefer this way to Greenland over the flight through cosmopolitain Copenhagen, because I get to Greenland in a 6 h no-direct-cost flight with a 1 hour lay over at ice cream rich Goose Bay, Canada, and probably most importantly because I can bring 1000 lbs of baggage, if need be, and again at no surcharge. Not by choice, but out of necessity owing to delays in procurement, I’m personally sheparding 7 GPS and an oceanographic sensor, half of the kit delivered FedEx to my hotel last night. I ended up with 10 pieces of luggage at the 5 AM bag drag today. I felt bad that I was not more organized to have the equipment all shipped weeks ahead of time, like the other 38 peices I have for this trip. I was preparing to defend my showing up with two full carts of luggage, but no criticism. I’d have half the total number of pieces if my ambitions to get as much science done as possible had not overcommitted me. Welcome to my 18th Greenland climate science expedition!