Arctic Climate Dynamism and Change – presentations 19 and 21 Oct.

I’ll be giving two 45 minute talks entitled Arctic Climate Dynamism and Change

abstract: The Arctic is unique globally, being dominated by: a 10,000 foot thick ice sheet in Greenland that normally undergoes intense summer melting; a thin veneer of reflective sea ice capping the Arctic Ocean; and an on-land seasonal snow cover variation that constitutes the greatest change in our planet’s complection each year between winter and summer. Earth’s south polar region, by contrast, is dominated by the enormous Antarctic ice sheet which undergoes little melting and represents a sleeping giant that can raise global sea level more than tens of feet if awaken. The Greenland ice sheet giant has awakened in recent warm years and currently constitutes the largest regional contributor to global sea level rise. The recent rapidity of Arctic sea ice decline has exceeded model predictions. The north pole’s reflective shield is thinning and retreating, exposing a dark ocean surface that absorbs most of the 24 h summer solar heat. Arctic seasonal snow cover decline amplified warming. Those who study the Arctic bear witness to abrupt climate change occurring now, not in the distant future. While we do not live in the Arctic, what happens there affects the globe. This presentation will review the current state of the Arctic cryosphere and some of its linkages with global climate.


  • Mon., 19 Oct. 7-8 PM, Columbus Council on World Affairs, 1001 Parkview Boulevard Columbus, Ohio, 43215
  • Wed., 21 Oct. 12-1:15 PM, Columbus Metropolitan Club, 136 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Details here. Must purchase tickets.