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Hacked climate email: a PR crisis, nothing more

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The hacked climate emails do not change the science of Anthropogenic Global Warming. The hacked climate emails definitely confuse the public. I expect that elected leaders understand this. I suspect even Senator Inhoffe understands the political effect of the hacked emails. P. Jones, CRU, and U East Anglia have a PR crisis, nothing more. What will help, and you can count on it happening, is there being more transparency in the peer-review process.

on EPA’s ruling that CO2 is a pollutant that threaten’s human well being

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Anti-government anthropogenic climate change deniers (AGACCD) must be upset that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will begin regulating carbon emissions. But, AGACCD, don’t worry too much, a free-market-driven means to regulate carbon pollution will be the ultimate mechanism; and the rest of the world will be doing so too. The EU is already well ahead of the US. The EPA decision just sets an important toneto stoke COP15 climate change mitigation and adaptation negotiations.

Note also that there are befits, besides the obvious ones, to curbing pollution! Forcing businesses to limit pollution will help help keep the US technologically competitive with the rest of the world who are taking climate change mitigation and adaptation issue on board.  Businesses have been forced to regulate pollutants in the past. Remember that 1980s acid rain concern or the Montreal Protocol, both successful in curbing dangerous pollutants.

Remember that there IS a role for government, that is, to do things individuals can or do not.BTW, EPA announcing yesterday they will be regulating carbon pollution is really just symbolic to stoke Cop15. A free-market-driven mechanism will ultimately be the main tool to force polluters to reduce pollution. This situation is totally analogous to the acid rain and ozone layer destruction mitigation policies. Without government, there are certain important public interests that would not happen fast enough without a government; regulation pollution is one of them. Having an army to protect the people, building schools to educate kids, building roads for commerce are other reasons government is a good thing.

If you still don’t consider CO2 a pollutant, I’d say you don’t understand the physics of radiation in the atmosphere… Note that without an atmosphere containing CO2, nighttime temperatures would be much less. Water vapor (or water gas) feeds back with temperature and is an important and the most greenhouse gas, but it’s present in response to surface heating by the sun. Adding CO2 increases the warming effect to the tune of 1.6 little 1 W lightbulbs over each square m of the earth. That’s anthropogenic global warming. Hacked emails don’t change the physics of climate nor the multiple other lines of hard evidence that humans strongly influence climate.

from a scientist at CIRES: “Here’s a good summary of the first principles going back to John Tyndall 150 years ago and Svante Arrhenius over a century ago:

It does seem that their research has often been neglected or ignored by those who don’t understand (or want to understand) the basics of the Earth’s energy balance.”