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climate of 2008

Monday, August 25th, 2008

a big question on folk’s minds is how the climate of 2008 ranks in comparison with earlier and recently warm years. Is it the warmest year on record as much of the hype and climate predictions would have us expect?

re: the Arctic… Winter 2007/2008 was cold. Jan-Feb 2008 was cold along western Greenland, allowing dog sledding between important islands of Uummannaq and Quekertarssuaq and the mainland for the first time in 12 years. Meanwhile, northern Eurasia temperatures were well above normal. See the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies GISTEMP map below…

According to the fine folk at the US National Climate Data Center NCDC, 2008 ranks 9th warmest Jan-July

So, overall, 2008 has been pretty warm.

Glacier breakups here and there, like hurricanes, like the weather, cannot be linked with 100% certainty to Global Warming. Few things in climate science can actually be proven with negligible uncertainty and here’s the door open to the nay sayers, so come on in nay sayers, here’s a seat for ya. Noise exists in the climate system. We need to look to the average state to find climate. At the high frequency short term, we find the weather, the ‘noise’ of climate. Anyway, glacier losses, the climate of 2008 are part of a pattern of warming.

Below are more 2008 stats and weather extremes from our friends at NCDC

2008 Special Reports (Events, extremes, etc):

Global Hazards and Significant Events

  • January (Severe winter across China & the Middle East, Severe storms across the Midwestern U.S., Flooding in eastern Australia)
  • February (Tropical cyclone Ivan, Flooding in the Philippines, Sever storms across the southeastern U.S., Severe storms across eastern Australia)
  • March (South Australia Heat Wave, Flooding across the south-central U.S., Severe storms across southeastern U.S., Tropical Cyclone Jokwe)
  • April (Severe storms across the central and southeastern U.S., Severe winter across southern Canada, Typhoon Neoguri)
  • May (Flooding across the Philippines, Severe storms across the U.S., Typhoon Nargis, Tropical storm Alma)
  • June (Flooding across southern China, Flooding across the midwestern U.S., Severe storms across the U.S., Typhoon Fengshen)
  • July (Hurricane Dolly, Typhoon Kalmaegi, Flooding in China, Flooding in eastern Europe)

back in OH

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

It’s not bad being back in the comfort zone.

I’m awash in pictures, data, and video.

I’ve managed to put some fraction of photos on a couple web pages

I’ve not had time to really blog. Daily blogs are for people with more expendable time than I. Or, blogging falls to low on the priority list for most days. So, here I am on a Saturday, blogging.