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off to Greenland, expedition 17

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

I’m sitting in Columbus airport, about to embark my 17th Greenland mission.

Field work includes, in chronological order.

6 July, commercial air transit to Schenectedy, NY via Philadelphia and Albany, NY.

7 July, LC130 hercules (cargo class) transit to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland with 109th Air National Guard

8 July, AIr Greenland transit to Ilulissat, Greenland. 20 minutes after sche3duled arrived, we have a Bell 222 helicopter charter to Jakobshavn Glacier (the northern hemisphere’s largest), to film in support of a Nova program on Extreme Ice Survey. I’ll be on camera as the guy who measures ice motion using repeat stereo-photography.

9 July, testing camera equipment and installing a camera looking at icebergs near Ilulissat.

10 July, transit to Uummannaq

11 July, weather delay, icing conditions and fog, we’re now aiming now for Monday, 14 July, do it all in 1 day, perhaps as 1 round trip flight not 2, cheaper, if we can fit all in helo.

12 July, boat charter to measure fjord water temperature, salinity, and turbidity profiles in the very deep (600-1000m+) fjord, at a peak melt time of year…We are are staying with a translator who is so huge a help, pantomimes and cartoons of winches on boats aren’t doing it!

13 July, Sunday, prepare for all day flying 14 July

14 July, helicopter charter, recovering equipment from Store Glacier, west Greenland:

  1. time lapse cameras that have been shooting at 15 minute intervals since late May.
  2. a climate station from Store Glacier
  3. on-glacier GPS of Ian Howat
  4. on-land seismometers of Slawek Tulaczyk

16 July, meet with fisherman to hire the next day to deliver us to the shore of the land near Umiamiko Glacier.

17 July, transit to Umiamiko Glacier

20 July, transit to Rink Glacier

23 July, transit to Ilulissat

25 July, transit to Kangerlussuaq

27 July, transit to NY with Air National Guard